Foundation “Communication Without Barriers” is a winner of St. Camillus Award

We are happy to announce that the Chapter of St. Camillus Award honored by the Special Prize the Foundation „Communication Without Barriers” “for many years of dedicated service for the benefit of sick children and an exemplary attitude”, action “Restoring Hope” and the construction of the Children’s Oncology Clinic in Gdansk.

This year’s Saint Camillus Awards were given on 10th February in the Museum of John Paul II Collection– Janina and Zbigniew Porczyński’s Foundation in Warsaw. They were allocated to individuals and institutions that stand out in a special way of assistance to the mother and child. The other Awards winners are: Foundation „Give Birth in a Human Way”, Professor Krzysztof Niemiec, Katarzyna Pinkosz and TVN Foundation “You are not alone”. Polish Primate Archbishop Henryk Muszynski was present at the ceremony.

St. Camillus Award, the patron saint of the sick and health professionals, was established in 2007 at the initiative of the Ministers to the Sick Order and the Patient Rights and Health Education Institute. It is awarded on the occasion of World Day of the Sick, every year in the other branch of medicine.
World Day of the Sick is celebrated on 11 February since 1993. It was established by Pope John Paul II on 13 May 1992, in 75th Anniversary of Fatima revelations and the 11th anniversary of the assassination attempt against his life.