Special Olympics European Summer Games Warsaw 2010

‘I miss nothing, but you’ („Niczego mi nie brakuje, oprócz Ciebie”) is a slogan of disabled athletes which invites the public to take part in the Olympics. The official opening ceremony of Special Olympics European Summer Games took place on 18th September 2010, at 8.00pm on Warsaw Legia stadium. Among its participants there were around 1500 intellectually disabled athletes from 56 countries. When walking onto the field, the representatives of the Polish team were accompanied by Polish First Ladies: Mrs Anna Komorowska, Mrs Danuta Wałęsa and Mrs Jolanta Kwaśniewska who for many years has been supporting and providing patronage for numerous Special Olympics events both in Poland and abroad. There was no end to merrymaking and joy!

Four days of Olympic Games have passed. The sport events have been taking place on the premises of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the University of Physical Education, Torwar Central Sport Centre, Hulakula Family Entertainment Centre, Ursynów Sport and Recreation Centre, Bemowo Football Centre, and AM Tenis. The efforts of athletes have been witnessed by distinguished guests and ubiquitous and dedicated fans.

Special Olympics European Summer Games are supported by helpful charity workers and volunteers. Eminent ambassadors have taken part in the medal decoration ceremonies.

On the third day of the Olympic combat the premises of Warsaw University of Life Sciences were visited once more by Mrs Jolanta Kwaśniewska who took immense joy in spending her time with the athletes.

The final Olympic combat will take place shortly! Come and cheer! This event is meant to break our stereotypes false preconceptions, bias and prejudice.

The closing ceremony will take place on 23 September at 6pm (in Torwar)