The Big Campaign for Dignity – Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence has been launched

‘Communication without Barriers’ Foundation has joined the campaign run by Feminoteka and Avon. Mrs Jolanta Kwaśniewska has decided to join the Big Campaign for Dignity – Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence and to lent it her image because she has been leading a popular anti-violence discussion panel within the Congress of Women for a number of years. One of its aims was to prepare recommendations for the amendment of the family anti-violence act. According to Mrs Kwaśniewska violence is ‘offence on human dignity and violence targeted at women is the most glaring manifestation of gender discrimination. She also claims that ‘unfortunately there is some form of social consent for this type of violence’. Hence, her full support for the Big Campaign for Dignity whose aim is to highlight the problem.

Every year around 800 thousand Polish women experience violence and around 150 die as a result of the so-called household arguments. Our protest against the violence and the solidarity with the women who experience it may help to change the situation.

The funds for this campaign’s activities and events have been gathered from the sales special wristbands and necklaces. They bear the symbol of infinity which refers to the unity of women in the whole world. The wristbands and necklaces are available from Feminoteka’s bookshop and Avon consultants. If you want to support the campaign – please buy a wristband! The entire income from their sales shall be donated to Feminoteka Charity activities for the anti-violence campaign.

Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence has been operating worldwide in more than 50 countries, on five continents. It was launched in 2004 in the USA and was originally aimed at domestic violence. At the beginning the activities were focused on raising the awareness of the problem, on education in recognising the symptoms and on the ways of helping people suffering from domestic violence. Combating domestic violence is not easy because in the majority of societies we can observe a kind of ‘tacit consent’ for such behaviour.

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Photos by Marta Wojtal for Big Campaign for Dignity – Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence