The Winners of the 2010 White Ribbon Award

Tonight Kamienica Theatre hosted the White Ribbon Award 2010 Ceremony. The Distinctions were awarded to men in six categories. The 2010 White Ribbon Award was awarded to:

• Justice and prosecution fields – junior warrant officer Krzysztof Jakubik, Żyrardów

Has worked for the Police for 6 years and for the last 3 he has been a district constable. A graduate of resocialisation. Actively helps and searches for new solutions for the ones in need. A nomination in this category was placed by a young woman whose case is related to her family abused by her father. The father got a suspended sentence and in December 2010 there will be a notion heard for the sentence to be enforced.

• Social institutions and organisations: Tomasz Ciałowicz, Słomniki – Chairman of Communal Commition for Solving Alcohol Problems and of Local Interdisciplinary Group

Chairman of the Communal Commision for Solving Alcohol Problems and of Local Interdisciplinary Group in Słomniki. He has shown tremendous dedication, creativeness and perseverance that have ultimately allowed for a clear and well-functioning system for helping women suffering from violence in their families to be created in Słomniki. He is a creator of a Communal Programme for Counteracting Violence in Families and of Communal Prophylaxis Programmes. As a worker of Communal Social Service Centre he actively helps people suffering from violence in their families.

• Public institutions and individuals: Paweł Pawlak – Deputy Mayor of Wola District in Warsaw, Mirosław Starzyński – Chief of Social Matters and Health Division of Wola District in Warsaw.

Paweł Pawlak – former deputy mayor of Wola district in Warsaw, currently a councilor of Wola district. Co-founder of Wola Coalition for Fighting with Violence Against Women. From the moment of becoming the deputy mayor he has become involved in opposing violence in families in Wola district. In an interview verifying his nomination, he said: “I have worked as a city warden where I witnessed many acts of violence in families. I decided to follow through and have become involved in these activities also when working as a deputy mayor. I never hesitate whenever I would have to stand up for a woman.” Always happy to attend meetings and conferences linked with the notion of violence against women.

Mirosław Starczyński – chief of Social Matters and Health Division of Wola District in Warsaw and a co-founder of Wola Coalition for Fighting with Violence Against Women. Whenever such a need arises, he voices his distaste for violence applied by men against women. During an interview verifying his nomination he said: “Violence against women is one of the most disgusting and worst features of character of a man. As a human being I find acts of violence repulsive. It is a bad feature of human nature to an unimaginable scale.”. Fighting against violence regardless of gender is an issue obvious for him. He graduated a study for countering violence i.e. the Blue Academy in Warsaw.

• Employers: Trinh Hoai Nam – a businessman.

He has been in Poland for many years now and he leads his own business as an accountant. His private life is with his family and his three children. He has shown lots of courage to hire, in spite of slander and denunciation, a woman ill-treated by her husband. Many others have avoided hiring or let her go to save themselves from potential trouble. When Nam saw the conditions in which the woman lived with her children (Home for Victims of Violence situated in a forest), he provided her access to a car and mobile phone so that she could feel safe. When after 7 months she could come back home, Nam and his wife Ha collected furniture for this family and provided food. Ms. Halina says Mr. Nam has great heart, is kind and sensitive. His interests involve dancing – he was a dancing teacher – literature and IT.

• Individuals: Krzysztof Strycharski

His story provides an answer to a question whether and what can any of us do to make a world a better, more friendly place. He channeled his painful life experiences into a great inner power and spiritual strength and most of all an ability to create an aura through which even the most unfortunate youngsters can see a chance for a good, normal and honest living. Krzysztof Strycharski has worked with his twelve foster children for many years. With peace and patience he has taught them a life without aggression and violence. Neither was it performed in some particular places nor in set timelines: it was done under his own roof, in a thorough, daily manner. This ordinary /extraordinary/ man has given to the world several young individuals who are a living proof that one should never abandon hope and faith in another being and that respect and love can produce miracles. He also supported his wife in a great struggle for justice in Poland – building the history of this country as they went on.

• Media: Michał Olszański – radio and TV reporter

Michał Olszański’s programmes reflect his attitude towards the world: friendly, open, full of warmth. He is a man who consequently opposes violence and maltreatment of the weaker ones. His programmes show a way to actively participate in developing proper human relations, they teach respect, tolerance and empathy towards other people. They contribute greatly into development of society that can successfully oppose aggression and violence.

We would like to congratulate all the Winners of the 2010 White Ribbon Award!